PUAFER004 Respond to facility emergencies

PUAFER004 Respond to facility emergencies

If you are an occupant who is required to be ‘emergency aware’ in a facility, then this course is a must for you.

It covers the skills and knowledge required by occupants in a facility such as a building, structure or workplace, as specified in Australian Standard (AS) 3745 and AS 4083 to recognise and report emergencies, respond to emergency warnings and advice and take appropriate action during the emergency such as choosing the most appropriate course of action and evacuating from a danger area.

All aspects of this course will be undertaken in accordance with legislative requirements, organisational policies and procedures and accepted safe practices.

Participants in this course will also learn how to effectively:

  • Apply Work, Health and Safety (WHS)/Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) requirements, including identifying hazards and controlling risks
  • Comply with legislation, industry standards, codes of practice and regulations
  • Follow facility emergency procedures and direction of emergency control organisation members and/or attending emergency services.
  • Identify and evacuate occupants who may require assistance
  • Maintain their safety and the safety of others in emergencies
  • Participate in emergency response exercises, including briefings, debriefings, simulations, reviews and desktop drills.

Online with face-to-face assessment Face-to-face contact time of at least 20 Mins.

Brisbane, Redland Bay and Logan Locations.