HLTAID014 – Provide Advanced First Aid

HLTAID014 – Provide Advanced First Aid

Challenging situations are high risk, such as multiple casualty incidents, moving or extricating casualties, or treating potentially fatal illnesses and injuries. It is imperative that training occurs to be able to know what to do when confronted with a real-life incident.

This course provides practical simulated real-life situations to learn and gain the confidence to coordinate and manage response and provide advanced first aid in line with legal, community and workplace considerations, Australian Resuscitation Council guidelines and other Australian national peak clinical bodies until emergency services arrive.

Instruction on basic first aid and CPR will be provided, as well as treatments specific to advanced conditions, such as hypothermia or hyperthermia, head, neck and spinal injuries, using tourniquets and haemostatic dressings for life-threatening bleeding, and managing a casualty in shock.

The course covers recording casualty conditions, completing workplace incident documentation and debriefing to recognise improvement areas and psychological impacts, and seeking help as required.

  • Redlands Coast and Logan locations.
  • Learn the skills and have the confidence to handle an emergency.
  • Includes the CPR course.
  • Online with face-to-face assessment Face to Face contact time of at least 6 Hours
  • Fast Certificate Turnaround.

Very experienced trainer and assessors with years of pre-hospital care background.