ZOLL AED Pro – Semi-Auto/Manual Override Defibrillator


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The ZOLL AED Pro – Semi Auto/Manual (defibrillator) is an option for customers where the ability to see the underlying ECG is important or where infrequent monitoring of the ECG is required.

Includes: Soft Carry Case * Real CPR Help * See-Thru CPR to reduce the length of interruptions by removing compression artifact * A three-lead cable option (cable must be ordered separately) for basic monitoring using ECG electrodes leaving the scene * IP55 and 1.5M drop test * 5 Year Factory Warranty.

Note: Batteries and Electrodes are NOT included. They are to be purchased separately. 



The ZOLL AED Pro (defibrillator) is designed for basic and advanced life support. While it offers guidance to the BLS rescuer, it also provides more advanced capabilities to the professional rescuer. High-Quality CPR and Minimal Pausing, Real CPR Help® deliver real-time feedback on the rate and depth of chest compressions.

This enhances CPR resuscitation quality—a bar graph and a metronome guide you to achieve optimal compression levels. See-Thru CPR® filters CPR artifacts to display a patient’s underlying ECG rhythm to reduce interruptions in compressions. This allows the professional rescuer to see underlying organised rhythms during resuscitation. Advanced capabilities for Professional Rescuers with three-lead patient monitoring and manual override offer more flexibility in monitoring, analysing, and delivering treatment.

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