ZOLL AED Plus – Defibrillator Electrode Padz


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ZOLL ECG electrodes offer stable and reliable ECG traces with low signal noise. The aggressive adhesive allows for excellent patient adherence and withstands difficult emergency conditions.


The ZOLL AED with RapidShock™ analysis enables the shortest rhythm analysis for more continuous care and potentially life-saving CPR. Minimizing the pre-shock pause and providing more CPR, can improve patient outcomes. Integrated Pediatric Rescue Pediatric rescue is easier with ZOLL’s unique CPR Uni-padz™ electrodes and a child-mode setting. Low Total Cost of Ownership Longer-lasting, 5-year battery and universal electrode pads reduce AED device maintenance requirements and cost. Wi-Fi and USB Connectivity The 2015 ERC Guidelines state that “Data-driven performance-focused debriefing has been shown to improve performance of resuscitation teams. We highly recommend their use for teams managing patients in cardiac arrest.”