QUIKCLOT Haemostatic Combat Gauze 7.5cm x 3.65M

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QuikClot Combat Gauze


QUIKCLOT Combat Gauze is a soft, white, sterile, non-woven 7.5 cm x 3.7 m gauze strip made with kaolin, a chemically inactive mineral that does not contain animal or human proteins or botanicals. Each strip of QUIKCLOT Combat Gauze is individually wrapped in an easy rip, military grade foil pouch. Indicated for temporary external control of traumatic bleeding, QUIKCLOT Combat Gauze is flexible, pliable and has the ability to contour to all wounds. Recommended as the number one hemostatic agent by the COTCCC (Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care Committee).

QUIKCLOT Combat Gauze is the only product carried by all branches of the US Military to control life-threatening haemorrhage.

    • Effective, Simple, and Safe
    • Easy to use and remove
    • Flexible and pliable
    • 7.5 cm x 3.7 m gauze strip

QuikClot is recommended for:

    • Gunshot Wounds
    • Stabbings
    • Mass Casualty Events
    • Large Wounds/ Excessive Bleeding

The QuikClot range of hemostatic products have been chosen by EMS, Law Enforcement, Military and Healthcare professionals to help save lives everyday.