COMMANDER 6 Series Plastic Rugged First Aid Kit 30.5 x 43 x 14.5cm

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COMMANDER 6 Series Plastic Rugged First Aid Kit 30.5 x 43 x 14.5cm


Case: Plastic
Size: 31 x 43 x 15cm
Pricing Unit: unit/1
This kit range comprehensively meets the standard workplace regulations across all states and territories, ensuring maximum duty of care to all workers. Instant response to all nature of injuries is aided by the range of cases available, which are designed to store and present the substantial quantity of product in the most efficient and accessible way.

The durable grab-and-go softpack features an additional shoulder strap for portability, while the metal and plastic cabinets are able to be securely wall-mounted.

Contents meet Australian Standard AS2675-1983

Aerokit AFAK6C kit case and contents

This kit is available in 3 case options: a Tough metal cabinet, a Rugged plastic case and a Versatile Softpack reinforced fabric bag – all our cases, cabinets and bags are available with custom labelling. For more information on cases and labelling, see our Case Options.

This First Aid Kit comes fully stocked (see list below) and as part of our Instant Restock™ system you can refill and service your clients kits quickly with refill pouches designed to fit into each case type. They provide quick access to all product through a unique centre slit pocket without the need of unpacking each individual product.

Kit Contents:

AP10125-I 50 pc
AFP50125-I 50 pc
AB3-I 10 pc
PTD06-I 1 pc
AAS50-I 2 pc
AFS001-I 2 pc
AGNPF02-I 10 Pairs
AGS753S-I 9 Pks
AW1000-I 16 pc
AW8001-I 20 pc
ASP001-I 20 pc
APD50S-I 12 pc
APD100S-I 6 pc
APD101S-I 2 pc
AF50-I 6 Roll
AF75-I 6 Roll
AFHP100-I 2 Roll
AP325-I 2 Roll
AWD13S-I 3 Roll
AWD14S-I 3 Roll
AWD15S-I 3 Roll
ACD1020S-I 2 pc
ABC10-I 4 pc
ATB130-I 2 pc
AEP1S-I 8 pc
AII2500-I 2 pc
ND90-I 1 pc
TRYLD1-I 1 pc
PPC60-I 1 pc
ASC13-I 1 pc
ASL14-I 1 pc
AFP11-I 1 pc
AF13-I 1 pc
AAB100-I 6 pc
ASN096P-I 1 pc
ASP12-I 2 Pks
AGL001-I 1 pc