BLIZZARD Green EMS Heat Casualty Blanket 245 x 265cm

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Heat Casualty Blanket – Green


Size: 245 x 265cm

Pricing Unit: unit/1

Hypothermia treatment is a critical part of first aid when dealing with trauma-induced shock and where the body has insufficient ability to maintain body temperature.

The Blizzard Range of Hypothermia Treatments are renown for superior thermal performance using Reflexcell technology proven with higher tog ratings, yet still compact and lightweight for application and storage.

The Blizzard HeatTrauma Blanket provides TOG 7 thermal insulation and prevents heat loss in the trauma patient in cases of haemorrhage, inclement weather exposure or immersion in water. The Reflexcellmaterial’s cellular network traps warm air, the metalized surface reflects heat back to patient, and the cord prevents heat from escaping. The large removable heat pads provide exceptional warmth to the upper and lower core. The Blizzard HeatTrauma Blanket is widely used by the US Military for the treatment of trauma patients.


  • Full length 3-layer blanket
  • Reflexcellmaterial
  • Front & side access
  • Hook & loop closure
  • 4 large removable heat pads with 24-hour duration
  • Tog 7 warmth
  • Size: XL
  • Color: Green
  • Vacuum packed