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SHE Group (Safety, Health & Environment) assists businesses to identify and achieve their work Safety, Health and Environment goals through offering its wide range of educational and consulting services.

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Our Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) professional workplace health and safety consultants are able to offer up-to-date, flexible, customised, real world, hands-on practical consulting and educational learning programs to support customers in improving and achieving a compliant and healthier workplace environment.

We love to coach and mentor our clients’ managers, team leaders, staff (including contractors) and others, by supporting businesses to identify and achieve their work Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) goals.

We take pride in working together to enhance a safer workplace. We do this by providing ongoing collaborative (in-house or offsite) cost effective SHE services to our customers and chosen business partners.

Our Consultants are able to coach and mentor clients in:

  • Assisting and/or delivering onsite staff toolbox talks.

  • Conducting workplace incident investigations (ie: ICAMS).

  • Conducting workplace audits and site inspections.

  • Customising SHE management system to your needs.

  • Developing and delivering customised SHE awareness programs.

  • Developing and conducting site induction programs.

  • Enthusiastic SHE Consultants working with your teams.

  • Facilitating company risk assessments.

  • Identifying latent physical and psychological hazards and risks.

  • Support that aligns with industry best practice and relevant compliance with current SHE Legislative requirements.

  • Providing businesses with assistance in reviewing, developing and delivering customised learning programs onsite, any time, anywhere.

Your benefits:

  • Team confidence will be enhanced in your business to proactively manage and prevent further incidents and workplace injuries.

  • On-site (in-house) learning programs reduces team members down time, and therefore loss of productivity is keep to a minimum.

  • Regular access to your SHE consultants will assist your teams to acquire up-to-date Industry best practice, knowledge and guidance.

  • Collaborative and flexible arranged site visits by your SHE consultant, will reduce downtime in your workforce.

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    Our SHE services can be arranged at any time: (day, afternoon, night including weekends) if necessary, according to your staffs needs and availability.

Brigitte Hilton, Founder of SHE Group


SHE Group (Safety, Health & Environment) exists to deliver quality (in-house) “hands on” education, guidance and industry best practices services to its clients, businesses and their communities, whilst ensuring a Covid Safe environment.

SHE Group (Safety, Health & Environment) provides a wide range of information and educational services tailored to your needs specialising in the following categories:

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    All Work Safety Health & Environment

  • SHEGroup-Icon-Full-Color-RGB

    Emergency Response and Evacuation

  • SHEGroup-Icon-Full-Color-RGB

    Fire Safety & Evacuation

  • SHEGroup-Icon-Full-Color-RGB

    Injury Management (Rehabilitation to Return to Work)

  • SHEGroup-Icon-Full-Color-RGB

    First Aid & Emergency Response

  • SHEGroup-Icon-Full-Color-RGB

    Manual handling techniques

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    and much more…

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