SHE Group (Safety Health & Environment) Consulting Services was initially established in 1997, and rebranded in 2015. 

SHE Group is an Australian privately owned and operated business based in Brisbane. We specialise in quality Safety Health and Environment (SHE) education programs, supplies and consulting services to Australian workplaces.  Our priority is to deliver professional, affordable, and engaged inhouse consulting services to your community. 

Maintaining strong, collaborative relationships with our customers is a key priority to us to highlight workplace safety, health and environment awareness and trends in this new world of ‘Work’ for businesses.

Our vision is to deliver customised safety, health and environment products and services that engage and delight our customers in assisting their business teams and leaders to contemplate transforming their mindset about how to ‘do safety’  in a different way. 

We achieve this transformation by working collaboratively with our customers to guide and support them in identifying key opportunities for learning and improvement to accomplish their health, safety and wellbeing legislative responsibilities at work.

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Our SHE consultants and coaches collectively have demonstrated years of working experience in various industry sectors (including but not limited) to:

  • Agriculture
  • Childcare and Community Services
  • Commercial and Domestic
  • Education Institutions (All Schools)
  • Federal, State and Local Government
  • Hotels, Clubs, Pubs and Hospitality
  • Industrial and Manufacturing
  • Medical, Health and Aged Care
  • Mining and Exploration
  • Restaurants, Retail
  • Sporting, Events, Health, Leisure and Fitness

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We understand what businesses need to identify and manage workplace hazards and risks, in order to reduce those risk as far as reasonably practical. Our skillful ‘down to earth’ consultants are equipped with real world, practical and up-to-date knowledge spanning over 20 years. Our team also have a great sense of humor and are really people focused, with a genuine commitment to understand your business needs, opportunities and solutions.  

We make every effort to provide our clients with a consistently fantastic & comprehensive after sale service in everything we do. 

Think of us as your own virtual business SHE Mentor!

Principal SHE Consultant and Coach, Brigitte Hilton. 

Brigitte is a highly motivated and dedicated SHE professional with more than 15 years work experience in many industry sectors.

Brigitte strength is to connect, communicate, and collaborate with new and existing businesses in an open and transparent manner.  She assists clients to recognise and apply effective SHE business-wide management systems, tools and learning outcomes that enhance operations in keeping their teams informed and ‘safe at work’.  

Brigitte strives to empower customers to successfully retain information provided to them, long after she has left the building, worksite, board room or classroom. She believes that the coach’s open and relaxed communication style and passion, truly sets the scene for the learning environment in the workplace. 

SHE Group (Safety Health and Environment) is a proud member of the Australian Institute of Health and Safety.  This allows our consultants to participate and maintain continuous professional development (CPD) annually. This commitment enables us to keep up-to-date with relevant and current industry news, certification, resources, learnings and networking opportunities with other WHS professionals throughout Australia / New Zealand and around the world! 

We ensure our consulting environment;

  • is professional with a positive collaborative mindset.
  • provides tailored, relevant and current WHS information and services in a respectful, honest and engaging manner.
  • is committed to our customers success with integrity and trust.
  • strives to build and maintain mutually beneficial and transparent relationships with our customers, partners and associates. 

SHE Group continually seek to adopt innovative, up to date learning resources, practices and services to ensure an enjoyable learning and successful outcome for all clients and their team members.  

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