SHE Group (Safety Health and Environment) is located in Brisbane. We are a customer focused business and committed to delivering quality SHE training and consulting services to our clients followed with great customer support at all times.

SHE Consultants and facilitators have many years of pre-hospital (ambulance), medical and sports related experience, including current industry qualifications and knowledge. Our experienced trainers provide our clients with real life and hands on information. The learning environment is positive and often entertaining. SHE Group delivers relevant and current learning material in a fun, practical and engaging manner.

SHE Group is committed to our customers success. We strive to build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, partners and associates. We adopt innovative, up to date training resources and practices to ensure an enjoyable learning outcome for all staff.

Think of us as your own virtual WHS Coordinator.

Our Principal Consultant

Brigitte is a highly motivated professional with more than 20 years experience providing high-level quality health & safety advice, specialising in implementing effective business-wide systems, tools and education that assist in keeping people informed and safe at work.

Brigitte is passionate about delivering contemporary health and safety education and advice and achieves this by working closely with our customers and helping them to identify key opportunities for improvement.

Brigitte’s vision is to deliver tailored information that engages people, such that they retain information provided long after they have left the classroom. She believes that the facilitators passion truly sets the scene for the learning environment.

SHE Group is supported by a network of like-minded industry SHE Specialists in order to respond to all our customers needs.